My grandpa!!

It’s been 5 years since i lost felt like i had lost my reason to reason to live..
I used to cry alot since i had lost my most favorite person..i thought i had lost my soul..i used to think always..without him how i would be able to survive..but i think life goes on like this only..
You have to live your life even after a big loss..n that is when your real life test starts..

people say..”never give up”..but i think this should be like..”never give up on life”..

He used to tease me alot n i used to get irritated as always..he was the best buddy of mine..
Everyone knows that a girl gets really weak during her menstruation..but nobody takes it seriously..but he..he used to say to my mumma..” make some halwa for her..give her some fruits”..
Nobody has cared me the way he used to do..
He and i used to talk on the terrace about life..he always wanted to see me as a very strong girl..he used to say to me..”make your memory very strong..” no body has cared me the way he used to do..
He always had a great energy in matter what he was really feeling inside but there used to be a constant smile on his face..i love him not because he is my grandpa but because he is my most favorite PERSON..

I want to say him some lines if he could listen to me..

The world you and I make..
Where I can find myself..Where I can find peace..Where we are still together..Where we fight together laugh together cry together..
Where you do silly things just to make me smile..Where u promise me u will always be there with me..Where I promise you I will always be there with you..Where nothing wrong can happen..
Yes this world..the world full of happiness full of life full of dreams full of fantasies full of us..
I will never let this world die..never!!